I'm thinking of LOL.

9:35 AM

Okay....I look FINE on this picture =D 
It looks funny, LOL.

Mrs.Brightside ;)

Spot me, Spot me! Awh...He was there too =DD
Mad Happy!

Gawd, Whenever I see them holding a DSLR , my heartache! CRAP!

I heart this picture to the max!
Meng Tee, Lock Chee, Lit Chian & Your's Truly
OMGAWD! He is shooooo tall! =D

I have no idea why are they doing this, LOL

AGAIN!! Ish, macam budak aje! LOL

Ughhh. *thinking* Why my hands were up..! FML=.=

POTONG KEPALA tau?! He was blocking my damn view , Ughh! 

I thought this was supposed to be our "Renjer" pic?! Ish, Jing Lun and Chee Kheng!

Okay, what more can I say??

Hahaha, Me and Lih Ying!
Well, I seriously think that, his brother is better than him,aiks! ;)

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