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Holla ! Another typical Sunday, AGAIN. *sigh* Friends are going to school tomorrow, some are going to college, yeah soon to be TARCian. I'm gonna miss them! Owh yeah, those who are going to enter Form 6, all the best ya (specially for those who are taking science). Sad to say that, I did not receive any letters from the government. FML.

It's May now, and I'm still thinking whether to take Business studies, cause my A-lvl subjects are all  related to business field. FML. Accounting, that is seriously not me cause I hate accounting ; Economics? If anyone asked me :" How's the economic in Malaysia? " some how, I might answer you, :" All I know is, Ms' are the richest, Cs' have to work their asses off ; and yeah Is' are the most poor in the country". Impossible right?! The Economic test are all in essays, FML wei. =.= Mathematics? What more can I say, it's not like the ABC- modern math, in fact it's more than Additional Maths. Business Studies?? It seems like I'm interested in Business Marketing compare to Business Management =-| Shit piece. 
Taking up Business is so not me, I have no choice but to follow my parent's will. They are the one who pay the fees, and I'm the one who's going to study. So, tell me la, what to do? *sigh*  I don't know la, most probably going for International Business and Marketing (for Hons.Degree). I just made up my mind, guess I will be taking both Business Law and Human Resource Management. I hate management, cause I'm sick of organizing event. Everything will just *pooof* , if your management sucks (that's me) =.=  

I'm planning to quit my job at the end of May, so that I can rest for a month before college starts. I wonder what would the HM do if he sees that I have red higlights on my hair. Not that I wanna lala-fied myself,  people still see me as a 15-year-old kid. Duhhh, there was this auntie told me that I look like primary school kid. WTH?! =.=  Have to fork out my cash AGAIN. Hair colouring is not a problem for me, in fact changing my hairstyle is a big major problem. FML. 

Owh, it's 12.27 am now. Gotta ciao first. Having morning shift tomorrow, duhhhhhh =.=

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