Is it me or just something else?

11:17 PM

I knew when we collided, you're the one I have decided, who's one of my kind..

Aiks, Me and Lit Chian! Love this picture to the max! =D

Awhh....He is shoooo darn tall wei! When he stood beside me , I was getting so excited, and wanted to hug him! Ughhh, I know it sounds crazy but hell yeah, he is quite a nice guy, though he's not that handsome.  Moreover, he's not that photogenic type of guy, LOL. Too bad, he is one year younger than me, I'm her senior, he is my member *pfffbt*
But who knows? Miracles might happen! =DD

p/s: This year has the best Rover Cup ever!! 
p/ss : Love ya so much, my 3 monkeys!! =D

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