Same old bullcraps.

1:19 AM

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Sun-kissed skin, so hot will melt your popsicles.

I know I haven't been updating my blog since my last post on the 16th. Yeah, number of readers are decreasing as well, kinda disappointed. Anyway, I'm back, so there is nothing to be disappoint at.

Time flies so damn fast ! I actually can't believe that I'm gonna leave my hectic job in just a two weeks time =D Mad happy wei! After that, college starts! So that's when I have to fork out my "KA-CHINGS" and shop for clothes, especially bloody long jeans as my college is not allow us to wear shorts and tube tops. Ughhh! New bags, new shoes, new undies, new bras, everything new =.= FML. Owh yeah, NEW hairstyle as well! Kinda bored and tired of my current hairstyle =.= Thought of going for soft rebonding and red highlights (I wanna go wild, babayy!)

OMIGOSH, it's 1.18am. Short post for today, and I promise I will update soon =D Ciao.

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