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How's life going on?

Like finally, I have the time to blog now. I was busy like crap for the past few days. Business Assignments, about European Debt Crisis and Business plan, Mathematic homeworks (that's a hell lot to do), Economics (quizzes after quizzes, wth!) . I'm blur , seriously blur after came back from my orientation camp. What the hell is wrong with me? FML! Went for Drum lesson today, class actually starts at 12pm but I went there at 12.30pm. Calvin was like so confusing cause I told him my class starts at 12.30pm. He went and checked his schedule and yeap, class is at 12pm. This is so effing embarrassing ! I told him that I'm a bit blur lately since the orientation camp ended, and he said he can see that in my face. I was like what?!  Damn, I even forgot to pass up my economics homework, shit case. I pray that Ms Justina would still mark my homework. Bare with me if I start to talk nonsense, or blog something that you don't understand, as I said, I'm still in a blur condition. 


I don't understand why people love Math so much! I don't love math, cause they drive me crazy all the time. Especially Sequences and Series, (shit) Surds, Integration, Trigonometry and Motion along the straight line. BUT, I enjoy doing Algebra functions,  Quadratic functions, of course Differentiation is the BOMB! Love Differentiation; hate Integration. Differentiation and Integration are brothers and sisters, I suck at Integration but can score well at Differentiation. Just like what Charleen said :" I can walk straight, but I can't walk backwards".  Thank goodness I made the right decision not to take further mathematics. At first, I wanted to take further mathematics as it helps when I do Computer Programming for my degree. I will die kaw kaw if I take further math, I'm a lazy person so don't expect me to do exercises that are up to 20 pages of papers. Dad said Math is easy, but I said NO. That's it.

Cousin's wedding are coming soon, 24th & 25th of September. It's time to shop for clothes, woooootz! *fly high* Maaan! I Can't wait to go back to Penang to meet my cousins. And yeap, I miss penang food , they are mad awesome, PENANG food ftw! =DD

Been paranoid about things that I really wanted so damn badly! This is so unfair!

1) Nikon DLSR- D3000

People like me should own one of this to play with!

2) FujiFilm Polaroid Camera

This is fun and cheap, but the film cost you a hell lot. 

3) Yamaha Electronic Drum

Shit. This is seriously cool maan! I love electronic drums, ftw!
I will probably get one of this after I finish my entire drum course.

4) Tama Drum kit

Will be getting this soon, a red one ;)
*College ones suck like nobody's business, the snare drum, symbal all dislocated! The students should take good care of it!*

5) Zildjian drum sticks
 Yeap! Will buy this drumstick soon =D Zildjian ftw!

And back to girl's basic.

Toga Dresses!

Looking for toga dresses lately, but can't find a nice and suitable one for myself! 
*smack head*
Have to shop again.

By the way, orientation camp photos are done. I will post the pictures up either tomorrow or next week.


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  1. Gal, you're finally taking your drum lessons! haha.. Congrats! Something that you always wanted to do. Have fun in it! Can't wait to see you rocking your drum set. ^^

    Yeps, me too longing for a nikon DSLR!!!


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