Steamboat fight, ftw!

12:45 AM

Current Music : No Te Quiero by Pitbull ft Sophia Del Carmen

OMGOSH! Pitbull is awesome!

Ok, whatever.

Met up with the gang last Saturday- Dudes and Duchess (That's what I named it for my gang, cool right? ). We decided to have steamboat together, since we haven't see each other for like 10987654321 years! The dudes, Jia Junn, Wai Sing, Alvin, Shuen Cherng, Jacky, Jia Le, Jeremy ; while the Duchess, we have Bei Li, Mi Shyuan, Ee Ling, Chin Chuan, and of course YOUR'S TRULY (Actually, I'm the planner xD). Wanted to eat steamboat so badly, so I called up the gang to have steamboat together. AWESOME maan! *thumbs up* It's worth the damn 18 bucks, cause I ate a lot. Seriously, I eat non-stop.

We manage to open the clamp! Hahahaha! MAGIC ;)

FTS weii,  I didn't get the chance to eat the clamp! *smack head* I should have ask Jia Junn to the whole plate, fill with shit load of clamps and prawns! But I ate a lot of "Man Tou" =D AWESOME! *thumbs up*

Ignore my face la, okay? I don't know what I'm posing. Half way through munching my food, Shyuan took out her Camera, and here we go! 
Someone actually said, I'm her Boyfriend! LOL! 

Our table was in a mess! We keep on changing the aluminium foil all because of Jia Junn! And did you know how stupid he was??! He took my "man tou" and deep it into the sambal! Ish! We didn't talk much, cause we were enjoying our food. Camwhore after that.

Aiyai, Captain! ;)

Jia Junn oh Jia Junn, you were our target ! xD

Okay, this is freaking weird, what happen to Wai Sing's face? Alvin as well, LOL!

I have no comment on this picture, because I can't see my face =-/

That's not my Ice-cream. xD

What more can I say? xD I love this picture so much weii! ;)



I love this photo so much!

Shit max. Gotta finish up my business assignment. FML. Ciao.

p/s: I miss Min Yuan la....!! =-/

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  1. OMG!! haha.. It's really really fun having you all around! 18th!! hahaha.. XD

    p.s. Look at Tofu's face on the 3rd pic, damn funny.. hahah..


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