12:00 AM

Gonna posts up some pictures that I took last Friday. Maan, it was an awesome night! *thumbs up* We'll gonna have another mid-summer party next year! I'm looking forward to it ;)

Me (The Arabian princess XD) & Stephanie Calamba (The butterfly) =D

Sandra (from left), Georgine, YOUR'S TRULY, Dhiviya and Neha =D

Honey Bee oh Honey Bee ;) and the Greek Goddess ;)

Indians or Arabians? ;) LOL!

We have an awesome night, what about you? ;)

That's all the pictures I have. My gosh, I'm so lazy to camwhore nowadyas. I don't even feel like taking my cellphone with me. What had actually happened to me? Duh. Okay, that's enough for today. 


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