Nokia vs ALL SORTS of phone (Part 1)

10:38 PM

Okay, I was supposed to post all the pictures (taken during the Orientation Camp) up, say few days ago, or few weeks ago. But heck, I am too lazy to edit all the photos; too many photos to edit *smack head*.Okay, whatever. I will keep it short. Have to rush my Accounts homework. FML.
Before the briefing, I went to SNOWFLAKES@ Pavilion with Li Ying, Brian, and Li Yin. Had Bak Kut Teh before SNOWFLAKES. FYI, We hunt for nice food every Friday ;) This is the best part of us ;)

Can you see the beeping UFO? LOL

Ishhhh, Kinda blur =-/

Li Ying! ;)

"I want to eat you up!"

D-I-V-A ;)

She can pose! Go girl!

Li Yin said : "Oooh, I found treasure ;)"

Brian was sitting there thinking about his $$, and he didn't notice that there was a UFO xD



That's all for now,it is just only part 1. Do wait for part 2. I seriously have no time to post everything up now. Have to rush all my assignments. FML.


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