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Where was I? Yeap, I'm still here. Sorry for not blogging again as I'm struggling with my studies right now. To be honest, I did not even have time to surf the damn internet, moreover, my connection is acting gay again *smack head* Time flies so damn fast, even I myself can't believe that I'm already one month in MCKL. My cohort 1007, and my class A1007 and we named it 1007 RAWKS!! Awesome people, awesome place, and awesome culture. Everything is so awesome here in my college. It was so much different than the local schools that I have studied. Love the environment to the max =D


I was supposed to blog these pictures up,say few weeks ago. It was Susan's Birthday, we were giving her a surprise and yeah she was really surprised by us!=D

1007 rawks!

The girls, babe! *look at Denise* LOL

What was I doing? =-/

Sandra from left, Georgine, Timothy from the back, Li Yin and YOUR'S TRULY =)

As I said, We rock!

Me & Susan.

Candid shot. =-/

Followed by Shen Wen's birthday after Susan's =D For Shen Wen's birthday, I didn't took a lot of pictures because I was sick, and I don't really want to spread the virus. Moreover, I look so effing pale that day and so yeap, no pictures for that day. I was sick until the day before McRave night. Thank goodness I took the herb medicine and the medicine , Paracetamol as well, I end up having diarrhea. FTS! Now I know, sometimes, it's good to take the risks =D 

McRave night was awesome, I can say. Especially when it comes to the dance floor. I was on the dance floor for 2 and a half hours, so energetic, not even feeling tired. OMG! I must be crazy =-/ But it's a good thing cause I can club till the morn. LOL. Wanted to go clubbing afterwards, at Maison but since I just recovered I should take a good rest =-/ 
Duhhh =.= I think I should continue with my Mathematics homework! I will blog about McRave night tomorrow =D


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