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I just woke up from my nap and decided to blog again. I'll blog about my prom (actually, it's a gala night) and I had no idea why do we call it a prom (Prom sounds nicer, i guess?). So yea, I was supposed to blog about it 5 months ago, but I was too lazy due to work and competitions. But fret not, cause I am ready to blog now. Haha.

It was fun as I get to watched lecturers and friends perform on stage. To my surprise, one of my lecturer able to play the electric guitar very well. I did performed too. Haha.
So, what was the theme? The theme for HELP Gala Night was "Winter Wonderland". The first thing that came to my mind was "FROZEN" & "ELSA". Frankly speaking, I thought it was a bad idea that they came up with the theme 'Winter Wonderland", cause I was having trouble looking for gowns and dresses. Somehow, I managed to save a few hundred bucks on accessories and dresses as I borrowed the night gown from my mum's friend. However, I spent no more than RM100 on my hair.

I had my hair done at Number 76 Salon again. Apparently, Number 76 Salon has become one of my favourite hair salon, besides the other one that I usually visit.
And... there is (drum rolls) Mr Takeshi Odera, standing beside me! Mr Odera is also one of my favourite stylist. His magic hands can turn me into a lovely senorita. 

It took him 20 minutes to do my hair as I told him I was running late for my event. Silly me, I was supposed to make my appointment at Number 76, Mid valley, but I didn't know I made my appointment at Number 76, Bangsar. I was left with no choice, so I told the girl if she can just let me have my hairdo here at Midvalley, instead of going all the way to Bangsar again. Well, I was very happy when she told me that I will be served by Mr Odera in 5 minutes. And guess what? I had my hair done within half an hour, that was really fast. This is why I love short hair :D

My prom date, Daniel :D
(handsome kan? ;D lol )

Business Student Committee 2014/15

With Aiman :)

With Edward. We are both holding the same position - Publicity

Haha. How would I forget our new president.
( handsome kan? Few of my friends said he is handsome wor! Haha! )

With Ming Khor :)

With Sushant :)

Nice candid shot, aye :D

I don't know why, but I love this picture a lot!

Have fun, guys!!

Owh ya, we had our Gala Night at Pullman Bangsar. A very nice hotel I must said, but this hotel is no match to the one in Putrajaya (Yes, it's call Pullman Putrajaya) . I didn't eat much because it was a buffet. 
Few of us headed to PLAY@The Roof after party. It was a last minute plan for me, so I went there with only my blue long gown and a pair of slippers. With my slippers on, I was able to dance my ass off. It was so packed that I had to push myself into the crowd and dance. Anyhow, I really enjoyed myself especially the after-party at PLAY. 

I can't wait for the next gala night. I hope the new committees will come up with a better theme, like - Oscar Night, The Great Gatsby, The Hunger Games, etc etc. 

Peace out.

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