3 in a day, that's a WOW!

4:26 PM

Current Music : I'm not afraid by Eminem

Have been watching a lot of movie/drama & whatever shits lately, MOVIE/DRAMA MARATHON you can say. I know I'm kinda outdated or what, and yeah, I watched NEW MOON yesterday.

Holy Cow! Edward Cullen and Jacob Black are soooooooooooooooo beautiful. You know, Beautiful as in something that you can't describe them, it's like both of them have a very strong charisma! *gasping* Bloody Vampires and Werewolfs are so darn gorgeous! Why???!!! No, I don't want humans, I want Vampires and Werewolves! =-/ *slap face* Maybe I should stop dreaming.

Gees, After NEW MOON, I can't wait for ECLIPSE! Yeah babayy, It will be awesome! =D

The Back-up Plan.

It was not as bad as what I expected, in fact it was super duper awesome from what I expected, except for scaring me not to have kids. Duh, that's a long waaaaayyyy to go =.= Jennifer Lopez looks kinda hawt, I like her tanned skin =D

Sorority Row.

Nah, it's not a horror movie. I just don't get it why that guy wanna kill all of them, it's like none of his ass business! =.= Boring movie, story line suck ass =.=

GREAT! 3 movies in a day, wth! Don't blame me, I'm kinda bored, so why not MOVIES? Movie Marathon gonna start in another one hour. After that, heading out to Oldtown again with the guides =.= And hell yeah, not going to Broga Hill tomorrow, IF our Badminton plan success =-/


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