So much to go.

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So much to go, but so little time.

Well, it feels so good to be here, AGAIN. Previous posts were mostly pictures/short posts, as I really don't know what to blog about. When I was about to blog, my mind gone blank. Ok, whatever, will try to blog as much as I can before college starts, maybe I should take some chill pill.

Speaking about college, I'm counting. 10 more days to go, and my holidays shall end. Well, at least, I did worked for 3 months, had gained a lot of experiences (mostly about how to run a business, facing some most badass/jackass/muthafucka/bitchy customers, & learn to be independant) . But, there's one thing I hate about this job, I have do all the paperworks ( It's actually part of my job). Facing the damn laptop for the whole day, typing invoices, price list, and manage their website (since I'm the one who is good in computer). Sometimes, when things got wrong, I cracked my head up to re-type,re-do AGAIN! It's not easy *shakes head* Gees, I miss my colleagues =-|

Whamp! I still have so much things to do, but so little time. Gotta jot down what to buy, like stationaries, files, notebooks, and whatever shits that need to be use for college. For clothes, I just can't get enought, SERIOUS. Long/short sleeves, long pants/jeans, knee-length skirts/pants/dress are my daily basics. NO shorts, NO sleeveless top, NO sandals/slippers! *rawwrr* 
A-level is a no-joke thing. I know that, and I won't be so screw-up just like what I did to my SPM, as it turns out to be a piece of shit. *sigh* Time mangement is so effing important to me now, gotta eat well, study well, play well, exercise well, social well, and the list goes on! FML. Aiming for scholarship to Birmingham, London as well as Taylor UC.

Hahaha, those who are going for july intake, see you soon!


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