Slacker for the day, ooops!

1:20 AM


Out with the gangs again. I spent too much lately, mostly on bags, clothes, jeans, craps & nonsenses. I don't know why, I can't resist it when it comes to shopping. NO!! I have to save my money, and no more craps and nonsenses from today onwards.

Thinking whether I should buy that Toga top tomorrow. *smack head* =.=

Watched Toy Story 3. Planned to watch The Karate Kid at first, but I don't know why the hell they changed it to Toy Story 3. Ahh! I kinda like this movie, well, I have been watching Toy Story since young. Yeah, my dad kinda likes it. Geees, I will never ever tell them that I actually cried inside the cinema, cause they think I'm nuts. 

Well, tell me who doesn't cry when it comes to the touching part, right?

Wham! I met WeiLip & Jason, what a coincidence! LOL. OMG! Going to college soon. There was this ridiculous thing that I received from the college saying that, we have to wear formal clothes for our Orientation Day. And NOW! I'm thinking whether to attend their Orientation Day. FML rawrr!

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