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Gawd, I seriously can't believe that my 6 months holidays are going to end. It's my last day of holiday tomorrow. Yeah, despedida my 6 months holiday. Okay,this is funny! At the beginning of the year, I was hoping & dying that I would go for the January intake, but sad to say, I'm going for the July intake. And now, I don't feel like going to college, all I wanna do is to eat, sleep, & enjoy my movies at home. *smack head* I know I sound crazy, but who doesn't wanna enjoy eating and sleeping after having an epic long holidays, right? Maybe some of them don't.
Back to the routines again ! Books, books, and more books ; Assignments and papers, FTS! I don't know why people say college is fun, enjoy, relax and love; you know what? I don't think that way. It's full of stress (it's always a good thing for me), and if I don't get good grades, I have to payback all the "ka-chings", which means reward is not a reward anymore and I have to payback. Arghhh =-|

Had watched 2 movies, yea, love movies FML. Maybe I should just go and watch some horror movies instead of love movies =.=

Remember Me

Hah, Robert Pattinson! I love him, omgg! Well, I personally think that -- Remember Me, it's a nice and interesting movie. I have no idea why people come and tell me that it's boring. Some part of the story is meaningful, and hell NO! He died at the end of the story. *sobs*

Valentine's Day.

Gawd ! *smack head* I love hate Valentine's Day.
Hey, but this movie made my day! Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Emma Roberts, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner & etc, they are mad funny. Their love stories were different. Ah ya, it actually involves LOVE between teacher and student, between mum and son, & also between best friends =D This is why I like this movie!

p/s: Remember Me, ftw!


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  1. OMG. I wanna watch both of them!!! You're so lucky to get to watch them!!!
    Btw, its near end of holidays for you. Spend them wisely o!!! College ain't all that bad la. haha...


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