Random for sure.

12:13 AM

Oh gosh, it's like ages, what the hell. Since when I last updated my blog? *thinking*
Yup, having some mood swings lately. Depression I guess? Gah, whatever la, I'm okay now. I mean I have been thinking too much lately. Remember, I don't give an effing damn about it, cause it is an alternate way to make me famous! Thanks, annoying buggar =.=

Emo much? Nope, I'm not emo. Hahahaha. I was supposed to upload all the pictures, that I took from the YOUTH 10'. Too bad la, SAFARI is acting a biatch today! Screw that shit! =.= Holidays are coming soon! Well, gonna start to plan my schedule, I mean outing schedule. And yayy babayy! Quiting my job on the 11th of June!

Short post for today, ciao now =D

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