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So, where should I start?? Let's see *thinking* *still thinking* 


I was having 4 days break from the college last week. So far so good. Had a great time with the Paulians. Yea, I went to Bill's house for BBQ and of course we played the fireworks and whatever crap we have on our hands xD. Yeo drove me there cause I don't have transport, and came back at 2am in the Saturday morning. Not many photos were taken cause I'm too lazy to cam and FYI, I don't cam in front of them (except my gangs) LOL. EPIX.

credits to Wei Lip =D
(from left to right) Bill, Jason, Zhan Chuin and Your's Truly ;)

Ahhh! I love this picture so much! *thumbs up* Of course, I did some editing on it. The food is great. DAYUMM! Bill can grilled the lamb and mutton perfectly, and it was delicious. 100 times better than mine. Mine taste like shit, suck like crap. This is why I hate BBQ, cause the food that I grill *shakes head* EPIC FAIL! I hate cooking too. =-| Glad to hear that Bill enjoy his Culinary Art course in TUC =D

Oh Yea! I actually went for Karaoke Session with the Dudes last Friday! I sang most of the songs, LOL, I owned the microphone! Bought the movie tickets -Resident Evil 4. It was not as good as I expected. Shit, wasted my 12 bucks, it was a public holiday some more, FML.

Nothing much happen for the past four days.

Oh wait, I'm currently watching this Korean Drama - Baker King, Kim Tak Goo

Love this Drama to the max =D
I like the main actor as well, Yoon Si Yun 

Very Leng zai right? LOL, nah....He's not that handsome, but he is charming =D Like his cute face shoo
Much! =D

Yoon Si Yun (aka Kim Tak Goo)

Peace out.

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