So, what's next?

9:32 PM

Electric guitar next!

OOOMMMGG! Just look at this gorgeous handsome
electric guitar! =O It's a Gibson! Oh gawd, I'm falling for it.

Here's another one =O 
This is so gorgeous! The design and the color, ELEGANT!

OMG! Just look at them, aren't they look awesome and cool? AWESOME POSSUM! =O Shit ! This is seriously cool to the max! Imagine I'm the next Orianthi, LOL *just joking*  This is impossible as my biggest interest is still the DRUM, ftw! =D Gonna learn electric guitar after I pass my Grade 4 exam! =D 

*Dear Jesus, Let me pass my Drum exams with Distinction! So that I can learn Electric Guitar.* =D


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  1. They’re mine! Go hug your drum! XP Wahahahahahaha...


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