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Having one week holiday now. Thought I can go shopping and game till the morn, heck no, I have to stick my ass on my chair and study for my  crap Qualifying Test (or whatever you call it). Can't call up the gang cause most of them are having school (Form 6 ma =-| ) Duh. It's okay, cause the girls had a plan for Mooncake festival on the 18th. My gosh, I can't wait for it, having a small mooncake party at Alvin's house, from 10am to 10pm. Gila max, can die of over-playing/over-eating/over-throwing mooncake to each other. I seriously can't imagine 20 ++ person squeezing into Alvin's house. We have many things/gossips to catch up with Cik Chiew (Our 5 Murni's former Class Teacher). Gawd, kinda miss her now,though I always sleep and not paying attention during Chinese class. xD

Went to the hospital to see the Gynaecologist yesterday. Oh wait, It's not me, it's my mum. She wants to do some normal check-up or whatever (I don't know, and btw she's not pregnant =.=). The hospital was so crowded with people, mostly pregnant ladies and old folks. It was only Monday, and the hospital was crowded with so many people, imagine during the year end holidays =-| The people were so curious, looking at me when I was waiting outside the Gynaecologist's consultation room. They thought I am one of the pregnant lady girl (Lady sounds old =-/); some people kept on staring at my stomach wondering am I  3  months pregnant or what? Now what? My stomach is flat, plain FLAT, as FLAT as a tummy of a Victoria Secret's Model. I'm not stupid okay, I know what ABSTINENCE means xD !
Oh yea, now I remember! Speaking about ABSTINENCE, there is this hi-bye friend of mine (schoolmates) is getting married soon. She's 18 and I'm 18, see the difference?  I'm not invited to her wedding dinner, cause different stream, she was from art and I was from science; we didn't talk much during our high school days. Pathetic. LOL

Spotted some awesome possum gladiator heels at VINCCI .Gosh, this is soooooo sophisticated! Wanna buy both of them so badly!

credits to Vincci.

credits to Vincci.

OMG! Just look at this gorgeous blue heels! Maan, I have to get one of these, it's a MUST! 
Spotted some nice clothes and skirts and dress and everything at KITSCHEN as well! MEGA SALES, please don't end it so fast, I still haven't shop yet =-/ !

It was a random day yesterday, never thought I can get a watch with 20% discount. Mad love this watch so much! Shoooo kewt xD!

Chiooo max!
Say "HI" to froggie! xD

PEACE OUT.  (have been reading Economics textbook for 5 hours, can puke and die of over-reading =-/)

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