Knock, Knock.

1:17 AM

Ahem. I'm still packing my stuffs, I seriously don't know what to bring, besides the 2 dresses I bought for the wedding dinner, Morning and Night session. Speaking about the 2 new dresses I bought, I'm so happy that I actually bought the dress that I spotted for so long. Happy max. Spotted another romper and a dress at KITCHEN. Ughh, I don't know why I didn't buy it, but end up buying a long necklace from KITSCHEN.
OMG, now I remember I have to bring the Hair Straightener, hair serum, Hair dryer, arghhh! So many things to tag along! Shit max. I know it was a lil bit late but I still wanna wish you,


p/s : OMG, I  haven't buy any heels yet!!

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