Say HI to my lovers ;)

9:23 PM

Current Music : Hero by Sterling Knight

My #2 love - Logan Lerman 

He is sooooo hawt and charming! Gees, just look at his blue eyes and the sharp features he had, it's sooo breath-taking, OMG! *screams* 

My #3 love - Lucas Till

Of course, he has the most gorgeous smile that I've never seen =) Though he's not some big handsome hawt guy, but I like him because he is the sunshine type of guy that I like. *heart melt*

say HI to my #4 new love - Sterling Knight

Just found my new love=) OMG, he can sing and of course, he is the actor of  Starstruck TV show in Disney Channel (Well, if you guys watch Disney Channel, you should know who is Sterling Knight aka Christopher Wilde). He sings better than shit Bieber. Seriously. (Ooops, no offence ya,Justin Bieber fans!) Just go to youtube and search for Justin Bieber's videos, then read those comments that people posts.
STERLING KNIGHT ftw! Owhhh, my gosh, those blue eyes... 

Oh if you wonder who's my #1 love, LOL. He is David Archuleta btw =)


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