21st Birthday.

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Hola! Here I am, blogging again. I was still thinking what to blog first, and yup, I've made up my mind - The title says it all.

21st Birthday

As you know, I am the youngest among my friends as my birthday falls on the 25th of December (Yes, it's Christmas day). But seriously, I don't really celebrate my birthday after I hit my puberty, unless my friends plan a surprise party for me or my dad will bring me to some fancy restaurants. I've attended many birthday parties last year, be it in the club, pub, house and what not.  When it comes to 21, everything is legal - especially DRINKING *laughs*

Last year, I've decided to celebrate my 21st birthday. At first, I was really really stress about where to celebrate - Club? pub? fine dining? house? In the end, I opt to celebrate it in my house. I was given a few choices by my dad but I think the best way to celebrate my 21st birthday is in my house. I didn't do any catering orders from the restaurant . The reasons are 1) I plan to have a small birthday gathering 2) I didn't really invite everyone in my contact list 3) Save cost. Guess what? I ordered 8 domino pizzas for them *laughs* It wasn't really a big party, cause all I want for my birthday is to gather my friends around and spend some time with me. 

To be honest, I was really free since I'm having my semester break; that was why I had the  idea to celebrate my birthday. *laughs* I even spend my time to decorate the banner and also did some decorations for my party. Well, if it's on the normal days, I won't even bother to celebrate cause I'm pretty busy with my uni assignments, test, exams and what not. 

Okay, enough of my stories. I will let the pictures do the talking.

This is the banner that I was talking about :D
It wasn't that hard or time consuming to do this. 
Trust me, you'll enjoy doing it unless you are not an art person.

Yesss, an outdoor party. My car porch is really really big. 
I've run out of ideas on how and what to decorate. 

Group pictures with my most crazy gang/monster gang/ travelling kaki gang/ badminton gang, you name it.
I'm so grateful to have them since secondary school. Never fail to brighten up my days :)

Okay, this is me.

Me and my ladies. Look at how pro she is. I can't even hold a big ass phone properly, to take selfies. But SHE CAN!

Beauty and the Geek. 
That's the theme for the birthday party. 
Because most of my friends are wearing glasses and some of them are freaking smart so I decided
to have this theme for my birthday. 

Call me a beauty *laughs*

Guess what the girls got me?
AVICII album.
I was so freaking happy when I know they got me this.
I literally shouted "OHMAIGAWD" when I saw the silhouette of Avicii 8) (even Shyuan can hear it from the toilet *laughs*)

I almost play this album everyday, in the car and also in my room. 
Mum can't stand it anymore. LOL.

I received other gifts from my friends as well.
Ferrero Rocher, Homemade puddings, 2 bottles of wine, Adidas EDP, NIKE dri-fit, Body Shop
body products and 2 decors.

I am so happy that my friends showed up, and some of them even drive down all the way from KL. It's a bless, I must say :) I can't thank enough for the gifts, I really love it.

Joeyee got me this, Almond Chocolate and little Disney charms, all the way from 
US. She's a very sweet girl :D

She also got me this. And this is what I always wanted. 

UK classic bag from my cousin, 2 blouses from my auntie, and CASH! :D

It was awesome, I must say. A memorable 21st birthday for myself *cheers* I still have all the post-birthday pictures with me. I will try to upload it either to FLICKR or PICASA. I'll post the link once I've done with these 2 sites. 

Lately, I've been busy with my arts and crafts projects. Well, not really projects, just that I want to live things up in my room. I decided to shift in my old wooden writing desk into my room. And also, I've added some decorations too. I'm in budget and so everything I did was DIY method. There goes my holiday, very productive and well spent. Class commence on the 20th, which means next Monday. Ughhhh, busy schedule. So, what did you do during the holidays?

Peace out.

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