Guinness Arthur's Day 2013

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As I have mentioned in my previous post, I attended 2 big events last year - Guinness Arthur's Day & WE LOVE ASIA pres. AVICII. These 2 events held at Sepang International Circuit. Both are equally good, I must say. Some of them would say Avicii's asia tour is the best. But, for people like me who loves rock n' roll and EDM, I'll prefer both *laughs*.


2 pairs of free passes to Guinness Arthur's Day. 
Thank you YunaShare!

Happy girl, I am.

I got 2 pairs of free passes to celebrate Guinness Arthur's Day 2013. When I received the email saying that I'm the lucky winner, I was so freaking excited and panicked at the same time. I was excited because I was chosen as the lucky winner to celebrate Arthur's Day with few international artists. Gosh, they are my favourite artists. How can I say NO, right?
3 years ago, I was also the lucky winner and received 4 pairs of passes to celebrate Arthur's Day 2011, with Taio Cruz. Yesss, I like Taio Cruz and I'm a big fan of Taio Cruz *laughs*. Last year, I tagged Joevin, Aedan and Ee Ling along with me and since it's Joevin's birthday the day after, I decided to give him one of my free passes as his birthday gift and I know he is a huge fan of AAR.

Guinness Arthur's Day 2013 international artist line-up

  • Five for Fighting
  • All American Rejects
  • The Wanted

So, this is the entrance.

The crowd wasn't that good when we went in. Everyone was standing and buying beers. Prima Yin was performing on the stage by the time we went in. To be honest, the crowd was really bad when Malaysian artist performed on the stage. Seriously Malaysian, support la artis-artis Malaysia sikit. *laughs* 


I'm not a huge fan of Five for Fighting. But, I do like their songs. One of their hit single - SUPERMAN. Guess what? They sang SUPERMAN during their performance, and also their new single - WHAT IF to end their performance. Besides these 2 hit singles, they sang quite a number of songs from their previous albums. I couldn't recall what song they sang, but it is really good. Especially John Ondrasik, his voice is amazing I must say. I really like it when he sang and played on the piano. So much love.
Ever wonder how he got the name for his band, FIVE FOR FIGHTING? It's from the expression in an Ice Hockey. Wow!

Guess who came out, after Five for Fighting?


Yesssssss, the most anticipated moment! I'm a fan of All American Rejects, and because of AAR, I actually started to play the drums. I mean who doesn't listens to All American Rejects? I do, during my high school years and even now. Dayyuumm, Tyson Ritter is so freaking awesome. He surely knows how to heat up the whole atmosphere, making people screaming and cheering their lungs out. He is really a talented singer, and his stage performance is really really good.
That is why I tagged Joevin along cause I know he loves AAR. I'm very glad that he likes his birthday gift *laughs*.
I met Calvin and his girlfriend. Calvin, is my drum tutor fyi. Haha, I know he likes AAR too. I realized most of my friends who play the drum, bass guitar and electric guitar, AAR is one of their top playlist. Besides, I don't usually see him at Arthur's Day event unless they have good performance. They sang Move Along, It ends tonight, Mona Lisa, Gives you hell and other few songs from their previous albums.

The Wanted came out right after AAR. But we were all tired and thirsty. Almost everyone of us were dehydrated *laughs*. No choice, we gotta find a place to sit and drink. So, we decided to go into the lounge to cool ourselves down. We were all sweating like hell, ughhhh. Hah!We were lucky enough to buy the last coupon for a cup of Guinness. The coupon cost us RM15 per cup.

Here's to my first beer-pouring experience. I never thought they have skills in order to pour a cup of fresh Guinness. That guy taught me how to pour my own Guinness. It is easy, few easy steps but skills are needed.

The guy told me that, this is the perfect Guinness.
And I did a great job. 
I guess I can work as a bartender now *laughs*

4 of us shared a cup of Guinness. It tasted really good compare to those Guinness can you buy outside. Those that freshly pour has less gas, and I like beer with less gas as it does not make my stomach bloat. I will never drink Guinness or any other beer from the can, unless they are freshly poured.


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