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Hola! It's the first day of class today and I hated it. I was late for an hour, and class had already started. My very first class - Advanced Business Statistic, it really gave me a heart attack when the lecturer started teaching the first chapter. So many formulas, so many calculations I need to know. The lecturer also told us that we have to memorize all the formulas by hard. You know what? I'm not going to do that. Memorizing by hard doesn't work on me. That ughhhh feeling, when I saw how thick the formula book is.


The title says it all! One of the events that I attended was Avicii's Asia tour, last year. I am a big fan of Avicii. To me, his makes good EDM. He just released his album on September 2013. I like his album a lot and I'm so freaking happy that my girls really got me the album for my birthday! *tears* 

Avicii's Asia tour was held at Sepang Intenrational Circuit. The crowd was super crazy. Seriously, 30,000 audiences from around the world. But I'm kinda happy that I can actually bound into my friend in such crazy crowd. The funny thing was, me and my friends promised to meet up when we reached there. In the end, we both did not meet up because there are too many people and the coverage there was weak. By the time I received their message, they were already in front and I can barely move to the front, OHMAIGAWD. I can't even call them. Therefore, the pictures and videos I took are not as good as those that I took in Arthur's Day 2013.

When we reach there, Martin Garrix was on the deck. We were so lucky as we got to hear his most prominent song- Animals. Hahaha, Martin Garrix said that once he drop his beat, all the people will turn into party animals. *laughs*
Congorock and Bassjackers were on the deck after Martin Garrix. I really love the songs they played, especially those from Spinnin' Record. All hail, EDM!

Avicii came out after that. People were actually running towards the stage. Before that, the audiences were given few minutes break to get their drinks or to the loo. It was funny, because when Avicii was on the deck and started to play his track, everyone got up, run to the stage as if there is a tsunami *laugh* Okay la, I did that too la. Typical chinese, kiasu ma! *laugh*
He played all his tracks from his album. The bass was so damn good, it was too good that my phone can't withstand the sound of the heavy bass. The sound quality of the videos I took wasn't that good. Guess , I really need a DSLR tho. *laughs*

I am very sorry that these pictures quality sucks. But still, I love my Sony Xperia, it serves me well in terms of entertainment and photography. It really takes good pictures, sometimes *laugh*

Look at the crowd! Just look at that. I can't imagine what will happen if I am lost in the crowd. All these people who came for Avicii, they look very different from those people that I always see in clubs. It's like, those who always go for raves, you won't be able to see them in the club or you will seldom see them in clubs. I think, I think, they are already on the next level. *laughs*

Well I guess.... most people only know few of his songs. Like, Wake me up (like who doesn't know, right? It was also the opening theme for tomorrowland) and Hey Brother. Besides that, he played his old tracks as well like Silhouette, I could be the one, Levels, Long road to hell, etc etc.

The whole atmosphere was very very good, I love it so much especially the visual lightings.It really heats up the atmosphere. People screaming, people yelling, people singing and cheering their lungs out. Kudos to Avicii crew! They really did a great job, I must say!

I was kinda surprised that he actually made a remix of Atlas(by coldplay). He also remixed one of Armin Van Buuren's track - This is how it feels like, as well as other tracks from Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Florence + The Machine, Swedish House Mafia etc. I really sang my lungs out, it's just too good! *laugh*

Wake me up, the very last song to call it a night! 

They actually put out fireworks. It's totally worth my money, I must say. I had taken a few videos of the fireworks but I am unable to upload it due to exceeded quota. I will try my best to upload those videos when I get my quota back. 

I got to know that they had after-party where Martin Garrix was invited to Zouk (If I'm not mistaken). HOMAIGAWD! And the day after that, Martin Garrix and Bassjackers were invited to DJ Lap Sap's private pool party. Daniel wanted to tagged me along, but I was busy with my preparations as I have my mock interview session the next day.

It was one of my best moment from 2013. The rave was really good. Even now, when I re-watch those videos that was recoreded on that night, I get goosebumps. Words can't describe how good Avicii's Asia tour was.


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