Joe Brooks

11:38 PM

Current Music : My heart will wait by Joe Brooks

How I always post on tumblr with John Mayer's picture, Jake Gyllenhaal's picture etc. And now, I found my new crush as well, Joe Brooks. I also tweeted that my genre of music changed, I'm more into Guitar acoustic, Song covers by famous youtube musicians, soft rock, electro pop and indie music. I'm bored of clubbing songs, that's why I don't feel like clubbing lately.
I've been playing John Mayer and Joe Brook's song all day. Just the guitar and the drum. Hah, and my fellow friend, Brian, told me, all the guys that I like starts with J. And come to think of it, it's true.
  1. John Mayer
  2. Joe Brooks
  3. Josh Duhamel
  4. James Morrison
  5. Jake Gyllenhaal

Well, here's a music video of Joe Brooks,  hope you readers enjoy it :)

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