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How do you define the sentence " You change"? Seriously, I got a lot of comments from people that I changed a lot, mostly the good ones. Of course, the bad ones as well. As usual, it's about me, going to the club, alcoholics and the lifestyle that I shouldn't have.

I was talking (well, literally,chatting with a few friends via social network) and we were chatting on this topic, I forgot what was it about, and I actually swear quite a few in the comments I left. Of course, the guys will go teasing me. Well, people who know me, I'm just joking around when I swear, no harm. And out of the sudden, someone that I haven't been talking to since form 4, replied my comments and also gave me a friendly advice, which I very much appreciate it :) He asked me not to swear so much, in between friends it's okay cause we know we are joking, but to others I got to be careful, if not I'll get myself into troubles. So, I have to watch my language.
Seriously, I thought he was going to scold me or what but he replied my comments. So, I assumed we are back to good friends like we did, in high school. This is so surprising yet happy.

Anyway, have a talk with KJ. I did apologized to KJ, as I'm worried he might be offended by the comments I posted. Well, he's cool, he said it's okay, cause I was joking (Exactly, I was just joking). But he can't figure out why I changed, cause I used to be a good girl and out of the sudden I became another person, and vulgar words would come out straight from my mouth. (SERIOUSLY, I didn't know I was a good girl in his eyes). He told me he was also worry I will get into trouble due to my language and wants  me to change for my own good. I really don't know what to say cause I did not expect they would say something like that. I'm touched cause normally my friends never give two shits to what I said or when I swear like hell. But, they, my Seremban friends are  different. Damn, I love you guys so much, especially my gang :) Just want to write this down to say thanks to KJ and M. They are really my good friends, that would actually ask me to change to a good girl. :') It's funny to me, but it also means a lot to me.

Well, talking to M is always in my plan, just that I do not have the courage to take the first step. 6 years, we have not been talking to each other for the past 6 years due to some misunderstandings. Well, we used to be good friends back in high school, form 2. But, something happened between us, since then I never want to talk to him, never bother to reply his text messages when he apologized. Blame me for being too naive, silly me. It was a break free when I took the first step to talk to him, and yeah, everything went well.  I'm happy, cause my plan fulfilled. I just wish we do not have any awkward moments when we see each other this Saturday, or maybe he's not going. I don't know, but still I hope we'll talk to each other again. Friends ma.

We'll be having a small gathering together. We'll be kicking each other's ass and own each other in the badminton court. Awwwwwww, can't wait to see them. I'm looking forward to this Saturday. As usual, badminton and then mamak. I hope they choose the best mamak please, no Siang Malam. 8/

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