MARCH, baby March.

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Hello readers, or whoever is reading my blog. 

Haven't been blogging for like a month? I think so. Stupid modem always giving me problems, as well as my laptop. Damn. First, my laptop screen blackout, fixed it, no problem. And now, the modem blew off, bought a new one, and the problem solved. I've been living without the internet for 24 days (Not that bad eh? I'm still alive xD)
I've been doing nothing after A-levels exam. Well, I did clean my room. My room was in a fucking mess due to water tank leaking. I clean all the rooms. It took me one week to clean my house, no, not yet, just the upper floor. I still haven't clean the down floor (downstairs, lower floor, ground floor whatever you name it) Seriously, I hate cleaning the house, it drives me crazy. WHY? Because...

1) My house is so fucking big, and just the 3 of us staying. What for? I also don't know. Stress, everytime I clean the house.

2) Too many dust, and lizard poop. It is so hard to clean it, especially the windows.

3) My dog. I hate it when I'm doing the cleaning and stuffs, and he's like messing up. 

Anyway, I feel like an IRON LADY now, I clean the whole house by myself, ALL by myself. No one was there to help me. My brother went to school, and my grandfather goes to work. LOL, that IRON LADY name, was really an inspiration to me :D No joke. 
Okay, this is serious, I've been doing nothing ever since A levels exam finish. All I do is clean the house everyday. I thought of working as a kindergarten teacher but my parents were like :" Oh no, you should do something that will relate to your course in the future." In short, it's called business, that they want me to do. I'm sorry but seriously, I'm not ready to involve myself in doing business, like my friends are doing right now.Life oh life, why me, WHY?! I have a feeling that 2012 will be a tough year for me. I don't know, maybe I'm thinking too much. This feeling sucks.
2012, please serve me well ya? I don't know, things in 2012 just started, will it be good OR will it be bad? I don't know. I try my best, for studies (No joke kay), relationships, my religion, and of course me, MYSELF. I did a mistake in my life, no one knows, only GOD knows what I'm doing right now. 

Hah, Valentine's Day 2012. Celebrated this special day, my first time kay. That will be my upcoming posts. 

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