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I can't believe I actually made it up to my friends for the surprise birthday and also badminton at SSBA. I guess, it's time for me to make it up to my Seremban mates. I always ignore them, no not IGNORE, it's either I'm busy or I ditched them. I feel bad cause when they called me out for small gatherings or movies, I'll just give my excuses. Sometimes, I'm really busy, leaving me no choices but to ditched them. Anyway, had this surprise birthday for Shuen Cherng after badminton. It was Shyuan's idea, and we were fooled by someone *pffffbt*

 Happy Brithday
Shuen Cherng ala Terminator T808

Seriously, when the guys do the thumbs up, it reminds me of MCKL.
Dude, what the hell man!

Had a very fun time with my mates. Jia Junn came and fetch me but he was late. He freaking blame me for that, wth maan! And also, I want to thank Shyuan May for fetching me home but had a flat tyre after that. Thank goodness I was with her that night, if not she'll be all alone. 

 Adam vs Shuen Cherng, the birthday boy :)

 Shuen Cherng and Alvin. (Sorry, they were moving so the pic is blur 8/)

Khai Jie and Jia Jun (aka Black man)

Seriously, I miss them a lot. Guess, I'm not going back to KL for a month. It's time for me to make it up to my Seremban mates. Spend more time with them. They are always there when I need someone to talk to in my tough times, especially Jia Junn. He's my best heng dai ever :)

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