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Just watched THE DESCENDANTS. A very heart-warming movie, the bond between a father and 2 daughters, and the hard times they have to go through. Therefore, you readers should go and watch it. Some twats said, that movie is suck ass boring ( LOL, since when I create that word- SUCK ASS BORING?) Well, they can just go fuck em' self up. No offence.

A father, A business man and also a lawyer, A husband. 

Imagine, life pushes you to the edge, giving you hard times dealing with a kid and a teenager. Dealing with kids and teenagers aren't that easy. As usual, teenager's problem with drugs and alcohols while kids and their curiosities. Ya' know, I see a few parents gave up on their child, and some ALMOST gave up because they can't handle or they do not know how to deal with the problems on their kids.
But come to think of it? George Clooney as a father, is going through all these. Dealing with 2 daughters which he had no idea how to handle their daily needs, buried himself in his workload, family business, and of course his wife is in a coma due to a serious boat accident. The time he spend between hospital and business. So, are you going to give up just like that? He did not, in fact his daughters are there to support him.

Tough decisions he has to make. Not many of us can really make the right choice on tough decisions. So does he. What will you do when you were told that your wife has no chance to survive, and has to unhook from those living equipments. I asked many of them and they said the same thing , "Just unhook it la! Why still want to think again?" I find it funny, cause they never really think about it when I asked them. Your wife, your love, your life partner, the one who shared the same bed with you for so many years. And also, to find out that his wife is having affair with other man behind his back. The love and hatred, the joy and the pain has killed him inside but he forgave her and left no choice but to let her go in peace.  The bond between him and his daughters got stronger as they go everywhere just to search for the man. He did everything that he could, he sacrificed things that he got just to give the best for his daughters and the family. He may be a good father but he is not a good husband. He neglected his wife as he buried himself on his work and his business.

I cry at the end of this movie. (Not because I'm weird, or some fucking bullshit sentimental twat.) It was because it reminds me of the hard times that I've been through, my teenager years. No one knows, I've been keeping it to myself for many years. The feelings that I buried deep down makes me who I am today. Therefore, I'll not let anyone tear down my wall that I built, easily. 

I really love this movie. At first, I wanted to watch it in the cinema theatre but dafuq is, the evening and the night sessions were fully booked. So, I thought I can download it and there I go. Seriously readers, you guys should really watch this ( if you do like family movies.)

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