Valentine's Day 2012

1:04 PM

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Valentine's Day? Seriously? 

First time in my teenager life kay. I celebrated this very special day (I don't know how you call it, so I just follow what young girls said - "SPECIAL DAY") . Yea..... well.... I didn't really celebrate it but just have a mini surprise for Mr B. LOL, untill now I don't know what to call him, Bernard? Barniie? Mr B ? Mr Ang? I usually don't talk stories about me and my boyfriend all that stuffs, cause I assumed no one will read it. Moreover, I'm not a young girl, I got my own life stories, experiences. So, why not I blog about my own stories instead of fantasies? IT'S REALITY, girl! (No offence)

Got dressed and make up that girls usually do, and I don't. So not me right? I know, I know. Headed down to KL late,and the traffics are so fucking horrible. MY GOODNESS! I learnt my lesson. NEVER EVER take the bus if you plan to leave your place at 5pm or 6pm, PLEASE DO take the commuter. Sucks, when I took the bus. 

Here's what I got for him, 

 A handmade card for him. Sorry, I'm not a poetry, therefore I'm not good at writing xP

 And a photo frame without photos, but a picture of a girl that I drew :) I put a whole lot of
effort in it. Hope he likes it.

I can't afford to buy him expensive stuffs, like my friend did. Nike sneakers, Alain Delon purse, Topman clothes, I can't afford to buy him all these stuffs. All I have is my effort, and my effort worth so much more than those. 
Okay, I know it's strange to give a surprise to the boyfriend, cause it's the guys job to surprise the girlfriend. I know, I know, too bad, he's too noob for planning surprises! LOL, I hope he doesn't read this (Duhh, he doesn't read my blog. So whatever! >8D )
Anyway,I was a lil' disappointed, as I wanted to have a nice dinner with him at FULLHOUSE, but by the time I reached there, it is almost 11pm. Meh, I was craving for spaghetti the whole week 8/
Oh, and I really did surprised him, he was so surprise when he saw me standing behind me. Luckily, he didn't say any bad stuffs about me, or else a kick on his ass. 

Damn, I look so feminine. 

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  1. waa..the picture u that u draw very nice o...made me think that power of love really can change everything become good :)


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