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Before I continue my revisions for Economics, would like to post this FAQ up here, so if anyone who ask me these question, I will not answer anyone. I have been repeating the question for God knows how many times I did, some people keep asking me the same question when I was a kid until now.

FAQ starts now.

#1 Why you dye your hair red? Want to look like Rihanna?
- First of all, I'm not RIHANNA-WANNABE, and it's just a highlight on one side of my hair, not my whole head like Rihanna. I dye because I was not in a good mood, having some personal issues, in order to make myself better, I wanna have a new look so I went and cut my hair as well as dye my hair.

#2 But why red color? Why don't want golden or copper?
- GOOD question! Why red but not golden/copper? Because I don't want to bleach my hair, bleaching my hair will make my hair worst like fuck, more frizzy than before. So I asked my hairstylist to recommend me some color which I don't have to bleach my hair. So yea, it turn out to be the one and only Red color that doesn't need any hair bleaching. I don't want to look like a dumb blond or some typical Chinese Ah Lian, so Golden or Copper are a BIG no no for me.

*Btw, I'm using L'oreal product. I find it the color results turned out to be nicer than what I expected. Do go for L'oreal instead of some chintzy china/taiwan hair color product.

#3 Why you don't want to keep long hair?
- Because I love short hair, and I ROCK with short hairs ;D Nah, the major reason that I don't want to keep long hair is because the shape of my face doesn't match with long hair. I'm serious, I'm not trying to boast or what but every time I step into the hair salon, they will said I have a very unique features which match any kind of short hair. To be honest, not many Chinese girls can go with short hairs. That's very rare.

#4 Why you seldom wear dress/skirts?
- Because I seldom have dates. I only wear dress/skirts when I'm having dates or wedding dinners, or Friend's party, and yea CLUBBING. Plus, I'm a drummer, you know you can't play drums when you are wearing dress/skirts, look so wrong man.

#5 Are you a girl?
- Yup, I am. A girl who has her SWAG btw.

#6 Why you play drums? Why not Piano?
- I play the drums because my parents are drummers, and I was inspired by them. And also, people who inspired me are Dominic Howard & Travis Barker. Girls who play the percussion instruments have swag. Why not piano? I have been asking myself the same question also. I don't like piano because I don't have much self-discipline, and my personalities are like drums. Cool aight? LOL.

#7 Why you don't like chinese songs?
- Because they sound like a lullaby to me. Boring beats & rhythms, no offence. But yea, that's my opinion. My parents don't fancy chinese songs as well, I have been listening to English songs/oldies/reggae/indie since I was young due to my parents. They don't like chinese song either.

#8 You and your brother come from an International school?
- Nope, I'm not, I come from a chinese government school, it was a fucking bummer to me. And my bro comes from a private English school, and that's why people always mistaken us as banana(s), but yea, he is, not me. We seldom watch Taiwan drama, and mostly, we watch UK and US tv series/movies. That's why we speak to each other in slang, and my father doesn't understand chinese.

That's all, for the 8 FAQs.

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