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Current Music : Waiting on the world to change by John Mayer.

Can you believe that a girl like me loves John Mayer's songs? Not just his song, but in person as well. Maan, he got the look, he got the unique voice and what's more? He's so fucking talented, despite the "womanizer" reputation. Like seriously, who cares? And I believe millions of girls out there loves him as well.Who doesn't right? Cause he is JOHN MAYER.

Okay, gotta upload these pictures before I hit the sack. Having a small picnic with college mates last month. Well, it's the Travel Club who organized this small picnic, thanks to Bee Ling!

 Hmmm, that's Wee Li, he's the one who's in charged of the DOMINOS' PIZZA!

*left to right*
Bee Ling & her cousin, Huay Loo, Wee Li, Andy, YOUR'S TRULY & Georgine ;]

That's Neha beside me ;] She's cool ya'know, she's from INDIA, and both of us love SAREE so damn much!

Just ignore my face lar, kay! =/
I don't know why the hell I do that.

I'm not digging my nose btw, I was about to sneeze, LOL.


All the committee of Travel Club. ;]


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