Spinderella ft P.I.C@ The Mist, Bangsar.

11:52 PM

Current Music : DESIRE VOL.3 by DJ Eva T

SPINDERELLA feat. P.I.C (Partners.In.Crime)

P.I.C aka Partners In Crime are two sirens: Faith and Darling Sabrina whom are dance music lovers and they surely know how to play havoc with your heart not only with their appearances, but also with jaw-dropping combinations of electro-house and dancefloor anthems from their style of music making. They are a lethal combination of fun, fabulous, playfulness and they will make certain you have a friggin’ good time. Take note that P.I.C are here to takeover this holiday eve, for ONE night only (or more to come) and they're on a mission to give you a good workout on the dance floor or (not).

Finally, the long awaited Holiday Eve Special event at The Mist club, Bangsar. Have a wonderful night with Min Yuan, tho 2 of us went together.

Here's a little advise from me:
- ACT cool and IGNORE/REJECT the shit of the dudes who wants to offer you drinks, or whatever fuck when you are alone. DON'T accept it unless you have high tolerance or you "think" they are nice people.
- When you are at the dance floor, don't try to make eye contact with any dudes beside you or do anything that attracts the opposite. You know why? Cause once you did that, they will come and start to talk to you, ask for your phone number, names and wanted to offer you drinks. Annoying like fuck.
- When people trying to hit on you or already had an eye on you, don't fucking look at them if you don't like them, just dance the shit out of you. Cause once you look or them, they think that you are interested on them. DON'T ever do that unless you want to get laid that night or desperate for men.
- LADIES/GIRLS, please don't fucking drink so much when you know you have a low tolerance, don't puke like a bitch inside the club, no one stands the smell of your puke. It's not water ya'know, it's JW that you were drinking, BITCH! Fucking smells when you puke JW.

Lastly, BE SMART whenever you are at the night clubs. BE CAREFUL of your drinks and bags. You know you don't want to ruin your future.

I know some people out there might think I'm a weirdo/freak cause I don't accept drinks from "gentlemen" or trying to be an arrogant bitch who ignore the fuck out of the dudes that wants to talk to me or wanted to dance with me. Well, that's me, am not trying to be an arrogant bitch or weirdo, but to be a SMART bitch. I don't want myself end up in the motel room crying or end up in the police station due to some drugs I took. I PLAY my game when I'm in the club. 

Clubbing plan changed in a very fucking last minute, and was a bummer to us. Supposed 7 of us are going, but end up 2 of us went. smh. Guys, very sorry about the last minute cancel, I sincerely apologize to everyone who wanted to join. And also, I'm sorry that I made up stories to cancel the clubbing plan instead of telling the truth. Due to this incidence, some of them are quite unhappy at me. From now onwards, I will not have clubbing plans anyfuckingmore, this will be the first and the last time of me planing it. No one knows how fucked up I was the whole day when the clubbing plan changed.Sienzz.
Don't ask me what was the reason, cause I also do not know whether that was the real reason.

Anyway, met 2 fucking annoying TARC bastards in the club and another gentleman who looks like TaeYang when he smile 8) OMG! Not only he looks like TaeYang, he graduated from LimKokWing in Lifestyle design, as a Hairstylist and Make-up artist. He can even dance! 8) *will blog more about him on the next post*
These 2 bastards dancing at the dance floor trying to hit on my girl friend. Seriously, I'm not trying to judge them nor I'm good at dancing, but they really suck at dancing. Please improve your dancing skills if you are trying to impress us, fucktards.They asked a lot of stupid questions which made us damn piss off, and then asking for my girl friend's phone number. Annoying much,GTFO la!=.=
Had a really great night with her, at least she get the chance to experience KL's nightlife before going back to Sarawak. Pictures will be up when I see her again.


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