Stand out Mini Concert.

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Sorry for the late updates people, very very sorry as I'm busy with studies, will be sitting for my monthly test after holidays. FML. And, also busy with my performance as well for the past dew weeks/days. Yup, that's right, performing in a very small event, STAND OUT MINI CONCERT, organize by Shyuan and Sha ;] At first, I thought it was a "SURVEY" from shyuan asking whether we will support her if she's organizing an event, of course I support and would like to perform as well =D . Well, actually, I didn't knew it's real until she called and texted me, and I was like, HUH? ONE WEEK FOR US TO PREPARE AND PRACTICE, ONE MONTH ALSO NOT ENOUGH la! Oh well, we were playing in a live band, of course we really tried our best to practice as much as we can, going to the studio and jam kao kao from 8pm to late night. All I can say it's FUN despite the tiredness and headache on the next morning =D Not to forget my drum instructor, Calvin Chan. We really wanna thank him ! Whoa,he's cool ya'know,he has the nicest music instruments. Man, how I wish I had one too. Of course, the hard earn money from teaching students DRUMS and GUITARS are use to invest on his music instruments. He showed us a lot of things which really made us jaw drop. From there, we larn a lot of new things, like guitars and drums =D.

Ahh! I was having a singing performance as well. :D Surprise aight? I myself also can't believe I got guts to sing in front of the audience, cause friends who know me well, they knew I don't like singing. More than words by Extreme & Rolling in the deep by Adele, these were the 2 songs me and my other friends are singing. These 2 songs are not easy to sing,deii.

Sha's sister performing Stand by you :)

Timothy with his tremendous voice, the next IL DIVO? LOL

Zhen Pei and Li Sha, performing Just the way you are by Bruno Mars 
& Rocketeer by Far East Movement.

 Thanks Ah Ben, for playing the chords - More than words ;]

Rolling in the deep (Acapella version)
*Calvin, Your's truly, Wei Sern, Naveen and Ah Ben*

Dance performance

 That's Shyuan, she's cool ya'know, when she plays the electric guitar ;] SWAG!
*spot me* ;]

The one and only GIRL band! ;]
Drummer - Your's Truly
Vocalist - Yee Wen
Keyboardist - Li Sha
Electric Guitarist - Shyuan 

I'm missing the days that we practice together, regardless the singing or the live band. I enjoyed the process very much. Make new friends and learn more things, ya'know ;]

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