I'm engaged!

12:09 AM

I'm engaged!

Okay, now I got your attention! LOL! Well, I'm not really engaged now (but somehow I will 10 years later), nor I'm getting marry next month. It reminds me of the wedding expo@MidValley Exhibition Hall that I just went this evening, with Brian. As you know, I get very happy and excited when I see wedding gowns, I even told my mum that I want to be a wedding gown designer one day, who knows that was 13 years ago.
At first, Brian doesn't want to go in, but I still dragged him with me. At least, Brian knows how much and how happy am I when it comes to wedding gown, and how I want my wedding ceremony looks like as he's one of my closest friends among the guys (tho sometimes he can be very annoying =.=). And so, the moment when I stepped into the hall, the first thing they asked was:" Hello, getting married? Come and have a look. We'll provide you the best wedding plan, wedding photographers, etc." / "Hello Miss, wow! You look so young, engaged?" / "Hello Miss, looking for wedding photographers?" / "Wow Miss, you look so young, are you getting marry?" Seriously, do I look like I'm getting marry when I carry a NIKE bag instead of PRADA ; Holding my school files which full of college assignments instead of an iPad 2 ; Wearing SPORT SHOES instead of Jimmy Choo heels ; dress up like a ROCKER instead of working suit. (Well, many people asked me why I wear black top and black skinny jeans like a rocker all the time =/ )
Anyway, there was this lady came up to me when I was standing at their booth, looking at those gorgeous, amazingly captured wedding photographs

A    : Hello Miss, wanna have a look at our photographs? We have casual, couple, wedding and  personal   photo albums.
Me : Owh, I see, well, I would like to have a look at the casual and couple photo albums.
A    : Okay, here they are. Are you getting marry next month? You look so young and pretty.
Me : What?! 0.0 NO!! I'm 19, and I'm still studying in a college.
A    : Oh I see, haha. Your boyfriend? *she's pointing at Brian* How long have you two been dating together?
Me : What?! NO! Hahaha, he's my close friends. He's not my boyfriend.
Then that Brian joined the conversation,
Brian : Yea, she is my girlfriend, we are going to get marry next month. My "Lao po" xP
Me : *faint* *Speechless* 
And that lady laughed. x)

Anyhow, managed to get some information from the lady about the package that they are offering. Don't be stupid, it's not wedding package, it's a personal photo shoot package. Still in consideration, cause I'm a broke ass  now. Need to pay-off my exam fees and other fees. I must say that their photographer did a very nice job, manage to capture amazing photos from a different angle. Not many photographers can do that, ya'know.


Watched the SMURFS with the bunch right after my Business paper was over. I have to thank them cause they are willing to wait for me tho they finished their exams at 12 noon, and I have my Business test at 1.30 to 3pm. Guys ma, what to do? Must be a gentleman. Rated 7/10 for this movie, it's a stress relieve movie despite the stupid song that my brother kept on singing "Lalalalalala, sing a happy song". FUCK,it's super annoying! Never expect Neil Patrick Harris ( aka the womanizer Barney Stinson in HIMYM) act as the family guy, having a steady relationship and have a soon to be born baby. This is so not him, I still prefer him as BARNEY STINSON. 8) Ever since I watched HIMYM, I'm so into Neil Patrick Harris, because of his nice looking features. 

Neil Patrick Harris.


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  2. Yea la, I know right! He simply said it in fornt of people, x)


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