Midsummer Masquerade

12:35 AM

It's our college night, and I was supposed to posts this up, say 2 months back? Whatever, now I'm posting these pictures up.
Midsummer Masquerade *to be exact* is what I call it college night. GREAT, better than last year cause me and the girls reached college just in time, and HELL yea, my costume was so awesome. Last year, was a EPIC FAIL costume, I remember I was having a big major problem with my fucking hell saree.

Seriously, many of us did cosplay, cause wanna save cost. Don't wanna fucking spend my money to search for dresses. Waste of time, and waste of money. Thanks CROSS for managing our costumes :D
One thing I hate about my costume was that, the damn collar, it was so freaking annoying. Argghh, shit collar!!

 Your's Truly, Georgine and Li Ying <3

 Barnie dear :P Barnie against violent!

 Seriously, they asked me not to smile, act cool due to my costume, but I just can't. #fail LOL
I look so fucking pale and thin in this picture. I was like WHOA! 
#fail, can't see my damn katana =/

 Everyone loves BARNIE, aight? ;D

Little Red Riding Hood? hahaha!

 Mad Hatter? LOL!

 V for Vendetta !

 I'm just too tired, I guess? LOL

 After party ;D On the dance floor!

 Ehhemm, what's with my mouth doing ? =/

Not to forget our photo booth pictures! Thanks to HengChoc ;D

Aren't we cool? ;D

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