Blood and tears.

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When it comes to love problems, I don't know what to do ya'know. Unlike other girls, I don't cry and I never think of hurting myself. I just keep it to myself and keep on thinking what have I done wrong, or maybe I'm just not good to be anyone's sweetheart. I'll just erase the moments and memories that we had, and from there I MOVE ON with SWAG, cause I know someone out there appreciates me more than anyone else, it's just a matter of time. People always ask me, why I can be so damn cool when it comes to these problems. Well, I don't know either, maybe because of my ego that's building inside me and to me, it's a win-win situation, that I got what I want and he got his freedom back in the end. So, why I have to make myself like a beggar beg him not to leave me? It's like humiliating yourself in front of an asshole who wouldn't give a fuck about you. GIRLS, do not ever beg him to stay, or threaten him by hurting yourself. It's a stupid thing to do. Girl friends always tell me their problems, that's how I will response to it.

#My boyfriend doesn't reply my message, how?
- Try to send him some sweet/intimate message, telling him that you miss him and all you want now is him. Of course, give him some time, cause he might be busy with his work or he just drop into the toilet bowl or whatsoever. If he doesn't reply just leave it, stop messaging him, and save your credit. MOVE ON, cause you know your relationship is on the red light.

#My ex-boyfriend say something that's hurting me, I'm so sad, how?
- Whoa girl, he's your ex right? You should have got over him. Obviously, you still care about him. He's your ex, not your CURRENT boyfriend, so just leave it, since you knew he said something that hurts you, he will be doing it again. So, just get over it, stop talking to him, and do the same just like what he did to you (ONLY when necessary if he has cross the limit!)

#I'm so angry and I (fucking) hate it when my boyfriend takes picture with this girl friend of his.
- Obviously, you are jealous. It's a good thing as this shows you love him ( that's an old way of saying, LOL) Oh well, he has his life, college friends, his freedom, you can't restrict him from
choosing his friends who to hang out with, who to take pictures with. I bet you have your own life, own college friends as well. I'm sure if your guy restrict you from doing this and that, you'll be very annoy too. So yea, chill if he's taking pictures with other girls, as long as they are not doing anything mushi, like hugging, grinding, kissing or whatever fuck it is. If he cross the limits, you know he's a jerk and that's the end of it. Second chance are not allow. Get yourself doll up, hang out with friends and meet awesome people, and not to forget your camera. Take hell loads of picture, upload it and show it to jerks right on their face, let him know that you MOVE ON, have lotsa fun without him, and both play fair & square.

#I think he doesn't loves me anymore.
- You think? That's your negative thinking. Have you try to talk to him or have you guys rectify the problems between you and him? If it's true that he doesn't love you anymore, well, you should let go of him, instead of begging him to stay.REMEMBER, do not cry in front of him, and NEVER EVER threaten him by hurting yourself!  Be strong! If he found a girl that he likes, wish him the best instead of cursing him cause he will never find a girl like you. MOVE ON with swag.

After breaking up from a relationship, don't rush yourself for another guy. Take it slow and easy, give yourself some time. Enjoy your life to the fullest when you have hell load of freedom. At the same time, you will see who's the right guy for you, and who's the jerk/asshole that you should get rid of. Don't ever blame your ex, cause they are the one who made you strong enough to stand on your own, need no shoulders to cry on when you are in your hard times.
Well, that's just me. I know many of them can't accept this but yea, that's how I deal with it when I face these problems. Ya'know, life still goes on and it's not the end of the world yet when your love ones walk away from you.
People said I don't give a shit cause they say I deal with these it's totally wrong. They said because of my ego, my relationship doesn't work. Don't blame me for that, thanks to my past who made me an ego person, if not, I'll be just like other girls, begging and crying them not to leave.
People also said my ego kills the relationship. Owh really?
I did not want to argue over small matters, like he forgets our big day, late for dates, can't spend time with me. You see, I don't mind, cause these are small matters that we can talk and correct it in a joking way instead of arguing and throwing a tantrum. Sooner or later, one of you will get sick and tired of it. This doesn't mean I don't love him when we do not have any arguments.

Of course, I love him very much.He's all I think about.
It's just that we found each other at the wrong time.

I try to compromise everything, as I don't want any arguments that hurt both our feelings. Don't want to fight like an adult cause we are still young. Should enjoy the love life we had instead of fighting and arguing, and worrying about the dos' and don't when you are with your partner. I bet no one wants such a shitty love life. Treat your partner as your best friend that you can cry on and talk to heart-to-heart, you can't guarantee that he will stay with you forever, at least when he walks away from you, both of you still keep in contact despite the past.I believe if he's the right one for you, he'll always be yours no matter what.

Anyway, did 2 stupid quizzes to kill the boredom. LOL

 Awesome girlfriend? Haha. Yup, I always listen and try to make them feel good about themselves by supporting and encouraging them. Too bad, no one appreciates it. 

What the fuck? Are you serious? My relationship steady? Hahaha! Kidding right?
It's hanging on the thread, and I'm about to lose it.

That's all I wanna say about. It's not an emo posts btw, it's for a close friend of mine who's having relationship problems. And above are just my opinions, no offence.

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