Is it me?

10:39 PM

Current Music : If we ever meet again by Timbaland ft Katy Perry

"I'll never be the same, if we ever meet again..."
Like right now, I'm craving for red wine so badly (Whooops, I'm still underage!).  =-/ Oh maaaan, wanted to drink so badly.
p/s : I'm not emo, it is just that I have nothing to do so just wanna relax and have a drink

Johnnie Walker, I'm waiting!

Cool...! Johnnie Walker,Gold Label !

Well, at least, my parents are quite ok with it. I told them I had my first drink when I was 16. Damn Shioook when I drink the whole glass. Wootz! I don't get drunk easily, this is why I'm so dare to drink! LOL. They said as long as I don't smoke and become a hardcore clubber, then it's ok. *cross my heart* I won't, I promise =D

Few minutes ago, I was in facebook and I saw W's photo album. You know what the hell I saw? It's him and his current girlfriend. LOSER, dude! I wonder why he wanna snatch people's girlfriend? Arghh, what an asshole. 

And YES! MiMi is back (Damn girl, I mis you so much! Got any leng zai? Let me know ya!), JiaJunn is back too! I miss them so much! Might be hanging out with the boys and girls on the 17th and 18th. Librarian NY's gathering on the 20th, so as ScoutGuide CNY gathering =-/

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