Am I expecting too much?

10:36 PM

Current Music : Straight through my heart by backstreet Boys

I'm having a blastful Chinese New Year (I guess?) Yeah, have been going out for the whole damn week. Mum just warned me, :" Watch out ya, I'm going to cane you if you ever do that again! Going out for the whole day,and the whole week!" Yaya whatever =.= C'mon lar, I'm not clubbing , okay?! For goodness sake's!

I'm sick of changing minds again. Sucks. I still can't make up my mind, SAM or Foundation ?? The fees are soooooooooooooo damn "outrageous" (You get what I mean). Both of the courses having almost the same price. But if go for SAM, I can get my ass to Australia easily, without taking any dual degree =.=Gosh, I have to take 2+1 for my dual degree, University of West England (That's not where my mum wants me to go Dx) I got screwed because I told her I might be taking SAM first. Yeah, there she goes, shouting and yelling her ass off at me (I hate it when she starts yelling cause it's not a good thing) Ughhhh.

So, yeah, currently searching/browsing informations about SAM @ Taylor's =.= I have so many delayed posts to blog but not now, cause busy searching infos =.=

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  1. Hey gal! Changing plans again? It's not bad that you change you plans often la, just make sure you choose what you really need and want la. Lucks to ya!


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