My new guy!

10:55 PM

Current Music : Favourite Girl by Justin Bieber

I'm so in love with indian guys lately, and I don't know why. Imagine that your guy has long eyelashes, high bridge nose, big eyes, don't you think you are so damn lucky to have such a perfect guy?? xD

Ish! My favourite guy, Dev Patel (from Slumdog Millionaire)

Freida Pinto and Dev Patel (Couples? I think so)

I told my mum about Dev Patel, he is cute. Know what? She gave me this look > =.=

"Huh?! Cute meh? Handsome meh? They eyes are so weird, one side big, one side small. Aiyer!! Freak!"
"Aiyo, the eyes are not the problem la! Don't you think he looks cute????"
"Aiyer! Don't want lar!"

LOL!? Excuse me, what do you mean don't want?! I was thinking why not I give myself a try to date an indian guy? No harm what! xDD

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