Fringo yo.

6:12 PM

Current Music : Crawl by Chris Brown

Just came back from TTDI (Taman Tun Dr Ismail). Hell, the bazzare was so damn big! I miss out the previous bazzare, by CHICPOP!
Arghh, I haven't call the company yet (for the audition thingy). I'm having pressure, because I heard from Jeremy that Siti Nurhaliza has taken over the company. But anyone who wants to go for audition will have to look for either the producer or director of the company. Know what?You won't be so lucky to meet Siti Nurhaliza in person xD

What do you call it?

I call it Studded Fringe Bag =)

Damn it, I love this bag so much! Helll, I'm broke again!I spent RM250 ++ on a pair of  skinny jeans and a T-shirt (from VOIR). FML. Can't blog much today, am in Bangsar right now. Ciao.

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