It's not my V'day.

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Well, it's definitely not my day today. Anyway, Valentine's day are not just only for (damn) couples, but also for friends. Yeah, too bad my darling is not around, or else I'll stick with her all day long, LOL
But nope, I'm celebrating Valentine's Day with JieGuan (a.k.a Jagung) LOL. As I said, V'days are not just only for couples, but also for friends . Ya so we went out and have a movie @ Jusco. That damn place crowded like shits, lalas are all around walking like an emo. ( Ughhhh. It's just so "ewwwww"). And hell, there was one asshole try to pick-pocket, he failed , I turned around and stared at him. Well, I swear a lot lately, so I said "F*** you, asshole" right on his face. I'm so pissed (and I never told JieGu about it as I don't wanna make things worst, moreover it's CNY, don't wanna spoil the mood )=-/

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Rating : 10/10

We watched this movie and hell yea, worth the 10 ringgit ! I love this movie so much, anyone who haven't watch must watch (Well, of course if you love ancient stories like Hercules and ancient stuffs like Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demi-Gods, Greece, Parthenon, this will be ze best movie) *wink*
Yeah, I love ancient stories, especially Hercules! (p/s : Hercules is mad hawt!*rawrr*)

Logan Wade Lerman

Of course, just like what MissMeiYen said in FB, he's a hot stuff, mad hot! Handsome, Gorgeous and Charming! He is Logan Wade Lerman. He is same age with us, born in 1992! Wootz!! Oh maaaaan, how can I ever find a guy, just like him? Got blue eyes, nice hair, and I like guys dressing up like that, neat and smart =D

I met a lot of friends, YunYi, KahFatt, ShuJie (a.k.a The handsome one), Beatrice (an old friend of mine) Pauline, JiLinn, Lisha, Szeto and etc. Ohh yea, before I stop, just wanna rant about something. I hate couples wearing boyfriend/girlfriend t-shirt, cause it looks kolot to me. Like helllo, you don't have to let everyone know about your relationship. Ughh.Something like this,

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