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Whoa, it's the third day of Chinese New year, *shake head* Boring, but yesterday was fun. Yea, last minute called from Mr.E, and bugged my mum to fetch me to his house. and hell yea, she did but she was not fetching me home. So, Mr.E fetched me home. (Yea, thanks ya, you're the first one to know my secret ;D ) Not many of us there, Joevin, Malveen, Bill, Daniel, Mr.E and me (of course!) I'm the last one to get my butt home. x]

Ughhh, yesterday was a freak to me. I'm gonna call off all my outings, gatherings and parties. I don't feel like going out anymore, just wanna be emo for the whole damn week =.=
*Stop the craps now*
Okay, I won't be so stupid to make myself emo (I was just joking, kay??Don't get it serious) Outings, gatherings and parties cancel? Nah...PUH-LEASE! I'm stupid if I really do that (I was joking also). Like right now, I really wanna go out for party, party and more parties maan, and I want alcoholic drinks so damn badly. Ughhh. That's very bad =-/
About yesterday's (last minute) posts, We talked about it and yea, he is giving up and so do I. I don't wanna screw myself up for the second time. So yea, since that girl wants him back, then I wish them la (just like the cantos said) . LOL!

Am looking forward to Carmen's house tomorrow, Alvin's house as well. Going out at 8am till the night. Holy shit, I don't know what my mum would do to me (when she knows I'm going out from 8am till the night) FML. Ughhhh. Going back to KL at Thursday =.= Coming back at Friday cause there are about 4 gatherings going on. 19th, friend's house and primary school gathering ; 20th Friend's house again and scout gathering(same day, same time but different place =.=) Help.

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