Me and my fat dreams.

11:22 PM

well well well, my fat dreams? I see.

It's Twiggy!

Twiggy (as in nickname), started her modeling career at the age of 13. She went quite well in her modeling industry. She was SUPERB famous when she was at the age of 14. 

Tyra Banks!
Yup, Tyra Banks is one of my favourite model. Damn, I just love the way she poses, she talks etc. P/s : I love America's Next Top Model !

Friends keep on telling me to find a part time job, and yea, guess I found one. Working in (some sort) of modeling industry. Well, I can't be too sure about it, but Jeremy said it's actually an advertising industry. You know, like people go for audition and then if you're lucky enough, you get the main talent, which can earn a lot in one hour. Cool right?? Photo shooting, make-up, dress up and etc. But, have to go for castings(damn, 3 castings). First, the director/manager of the advertising company ; Second, Producer/Assistant producer of the advertising company; and finally the client which will decide whether they should take you as their "model". There's one charming lady came to me and told me, " Actually, you can be a model. You got the potential. It is just that you need to work out more and live a healthy lifestyle. Why not join our modeling agency?" I was shocked when I heard it, but I rejected it cause study was my priority. Well, no one wants a dumbass model right?? So, why not study first??

Some even crazy, they called me to go for interview (to be an air-stewardess). Not to say that I'm not interested in it, but I just don't like to serve people. Model?? Ok la, only those photo-shoot type, not those catwalk type.
Damn, hope I get my part-time job ASAP. They haven't reply me yet, whether they are taking me. *Pray hard* I hope I get the chance ! 

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