I need something special !

10:04 PM

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I have been searching and browsing for L'oreal's hair colour product(whatever you call it). Hell yeah, I found several colours and I let my mum choose. I know my taste is sort of cinapek/cinapiang , but please la, she don't have to "drop my face" in front of people (Me, shy ma) .

"Haha! What do you think about this colour?"
"Nah, I don't like this. All the aunties using red colour. I hate Red colour, all cinapek/cinapiang colour"
" Then this one leh?"
"This one definitely cannot lar!Look at your skin colour lar, you are an asian not "ang moh mui" lar!"
" Then what colour do you like?"
(Screw me, I'm the one who want to dye my hair but I ask her what colour she likes =.=)
"I like those ash colours, something like dirty dirty feel"

I still don't know which colour to choose, as I don't want myself end up like a cinapiang =.= All the aunties, mum's friend having the same hair colour, All the colours made me so jelak, too common =.= FML. Guess, I'll just go for Chestnut  brown (light)colour . Well, I need something special, some unique colours.

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