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Ishhhhhhhhh, I read someone's blog just now,so mad sweet eh,2 couples sharing one blog and writing the same post. *wink wink* Yeah Alvin, I'm talking about you, xDD. I wonder what is wrong with people nowadays, it seems like LOVE is in the air. =.= But LOVE, can you see my hand? =-/

Okay okay, just cut the crap off.

Headed to Methodist College this morning and yea, I'm taking A-levels. =.= I have chosen 4 subjects,Mathematics (Oh nooo! They told me it's tougher than Accounting and Form 5 Additional Math, ._____.), Business Studies, Economics and Accounting.
Well, Taylor's are not approving my Scholarship Application Form, I was so disappointed at that moment, SERIOUSLY. But that lady ask me to take A-level at any other College first then only go to TUC for my Degree studies. Ughhhh, whatever la. I'm not really in the mood to talk about TUC and that crap scholarships .

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