Sunny came home.

12:55 AM

A short update here. Yup, I just got my results today, just between BAD and EXCELLENT but a lil bit below  GOOD (whattheeff am I talking bout?! xD) . Don't ask me how many As' I got cause Bible knowledge really screw me up, pretty much disappointing as well as the 3 science subjects. like Hellllllllllllllllo?! I study my ass off till 3 am for Biology, Physics, and Chemistry! FML like SERIOUSLY! And what I get?? Those important  ones really screw me up, but the not-so-important subject got freakin As', holy shiiiit =.= Okay, I know some of them might be cursing me cause (some of them) they got 3 As', 4 As' or maybe 2 As', to them I'm consider good. But Helllllllllllo again, I'm a science student, and you know what people said? "Aiya, don't worry la, you can get 8 As' lar! You are science student wo?!" Okay, what can I say now? Since they already had their mind set, that Science student can get 8 As' easily, well sorry lo, I can't and I just mess it up! I can see that my mum was a lil bit disappointed and what she told me really pissed me off.

" I got 5 As' and 6 Bs' "
"Huh?? 5 As' only, why so sucks??"
" *speechless* "
"Ok lo, not bad.."

I went back home and she started it all over again.

"You really disappoint me!"

Okay, what more can I say?! Do you know how it feels when someone "shoots" that sentence right on your face, I cried cause what can I do?? Re-sit for the SPM? Kill myself right in front of her?? Or bang my head on the wall??

Anyway, wanna thank Darling Chow, Darling Lim, Jieggie, Cornelia Watson and friends that I know. Thanks for cheering me up ya! Love ya guys!

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