This is not some politic issue, but PERSONAL rant.

11:02 PM

I'm so piss right now. Once I see Asam Laksa, I will start cursing that biatch ! C'mon la, I'm not talking to her also, I'm talking to Kak.Fazrena lar! I'm Chinese, so what?! Does it matters you? Did I poison your food OR did I condemn you? NO, I didn't do anything, and helllo EFF you, you are just an old virgin. =.= 

This is how it goes. (Conversations)

Me : "Saya mau burger satu."
*My phone rang, and it was my mum*
Me : "Auntie Rena, my mum asked you what you order for lunch?"
Kak.Rena : "Eh ! Don't call me auntie auntie auntie, call me "jie jie" la. I'm still young why call me auntie pulak?! Slap you then you know "
Me : "Hahahahahahaha, LOL. "
*I was joking, and Kak.Fazrena was joking as well. We know we are just joking, and that shit old lady knew it*
She turned to Kak.Fazrena and there she goes,
Shit old lady : "eeeeeeee ! Budak ni tak da mata pulak. Panggil ko auntie auntie. Tak da otak langsung"
*Kak.Fazrena was so damn pissed, and she was so sucked up*
Kak.Rena : "Berapa ni semua?!"
Shit old lady : "10 ringgit. Budak ni 5 ringgit"
Kak.Rena : "Bayar semua sekali lar!"

That shit old lady gave her a stunt look. Why a?! Malay cannot mix with chinese friends a?! Eh, "Satu Malaysia" ni , dan ko sedang berdiri di tempat kerajaan, Putrajaya tau?! Ko cakap macam tu, jangan ko sesekali panggil saya "budak budak". Hellllllllo Perempuan sial, saya ni ada otak, kalau saya ni tak ada otak, ko mungkin sudah dihentam kao kao tau?! Kalau saya ni tak da mata, saya tak mungkin panggil ko auntie, saya panggil ko perempuan sial ! Sila jangan jaga tepi kain orang lain, tapi tolong jaga tepi kain sendiri.

People are so racist nowadays, like SERIOUSLY. I did not even talk to her, I just asked that old virgin to pack my food. I wasn't talking to her , I was fooling with Kak.Fazrena. Do you have any rights to condemn me?! Since I'm not calling you "Auntie", why so effing busy body? All you have to do is to pack the food and just hand it over to us, that's it. You have no rights to comment other people, biatch =.=

C'mon everybody, Program "One Malaysia" sedang dijalankan, please do RESPECT other races, I don't give a damn about who you are.

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