We the gangs, SECRET! (Part 1)

6:22 PM

Ok, so I call this we the GANGS. Cause wheerever we go, you will see us (the same face) fooling, messing around =D Gonna brief it, not-so-long post .There will be 3 parts , so this will be the part 1

Well, waiting for the (stupid) train to arrive, we cam like nobody's business. Shiok sendiri at the same time =D

Trash, trash and more trash!!
The real joker, I laugh non-stop whenever he tried to say something xD

 Having our breakfast/lunch (or you call it BRUNCH/BRANCH)

Taa-Daa! Told ya, I <3 their pancakes! Nom Nom Nom!

See the joker?? He can't sit still, he was having his camera with him all the time!! LOL

Everyone was eating quietly. Enjoy their breakfast with a delighted heart. (Oh gawd, what am I talking?!)

Your's truly was eating her pancake, and then here comes the camera man(a.k.a joker)!

He stole the grape jam from me and then this was what he did,

Doing stupid thing! He put the grape jam on the Hash brown. Yaiks!

Waiting for the Genting bus to depart from KL Sentral. I swear I will never ever wear long sleeves again!!

Darling Min Yuan,She's way tooo hawt! LOL

Standing like a joker!! Malas nak layan dia!

So, we cam...

and cam...

and cam!! LOL, what's with the hand doing there?? LOL

to be continue...(part 2)

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