12:47 AM

Is my life for rent?

I'm still thinking whether to join the Dudes for Karaoke Session tomorrow. I don't feel like going out but want Karaoke ! Ughhh, FML. If I'm going out again, she will screw me up, SERIOUSLY . The Duchess are not going, Darling Chow went to Bali, and my darling Lim went to Philippine. Ann is going, but if I don't go, she's the only girl , xD
Ahh, wtv. I'm not going la. 

So busy dealing with the scholarship, study loans, college stuffs, craps and craps and more craps.
And talking about college stuffs, I'm so regret for the decision I made,  A-levels. =.= FML. I should have take foundation instead of A-levels. One year for foundation ; 18 months for A-levels (which means, I will end my A-levels at 2012). I wanted to cancel my A-levels but I can't forfeit the 300 bucks ( Registration fess) . Ughhhhh, I made a mistake, the wrong moves! Damn it. Help. Besides that, my college is situated at the core of KL,KL Central (Yeah, but no entertainment =.=). That area seriously sucks to the core wey, no ZOUK, no EUPHORIA. NO, nothing entertaining ! Now I know why she wants me to go to MCKL, nevermind, I still can go to The MIST! Bahahahahaha! 
I also heard that, if the students did not complete their assignments/projects, they will call up their parents. *Gasp* OMG. This is so stress wey, like I'm still in secondary school. ._____________.

I don't know how I'm gonna survive without the shit Astro (which it screwed me up just a few minutes ago). My grandparents are blaming me just for Astro' sakes! Ughhhhh. There she goes, going cuckoo in a sudden!

"Cut off the Astro la."
"Huh?! Why?!"
"Cut it off lar! if not? You pay ar!" *She always says that and it piss me off badly*
"No ASTRO then what we watch ohh!!??"
"No need to watch lar!! "

=.= Okay, that was really sucks. I feel like ish, cursing/slapping/shooting her to the max. And my grandparents was sooooooooo ish, they went cuckoo too, "Ok la, fine. Just cut it off. It's good for both of us!" FML. NO Astro, NO life ! Crap.

p/s: Darling Chow, I hope you are coming over to MCKL for A-levels , please don't leave me for UTAR =( 

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  1. Eh, Chow's coming to UTAR, serious???
    A-levels is better la. Serious. At least you can go overseas. Take foundation, and you'll be tied closely to 'here' (Get what I mean?)
    Don't regret la.


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