The rush.

1:25 AM

Beer paty, anyone?? Want to lepas steam after taking my SPM results. =.=

Ok, I'm currently using my mum's laptop to blog. I'm too lazy to walk up to my room and switch on my laptop. Plus, I'm helping her with ze 2 websites. EDIT and UPLOAD , UPLOAD and EDIT. FML!

Mum starting to nag, and I want some beer/ wine to calm myself. I begin to think what if my results are seriously sucks like shit, and yeah, I can't apply for the damn scholarships. See! This is what I'm worrying now.

Options, options and options.

HELP, Taylor's UC or Methodist College?

AUSMAT, A-level or Foundation?

International Business and marketing, Forensic scientist or Nutrition/Dietetics?

Seriously FML now =.=

Business courses are definitely not my choice. Forensic studies are what I actually wanted to go for(cause I love to see dead bodies, finding evidence and etc etc)  but mum was like,Uhhh? Forensic scientist wo, can survive in Malaysia or not?? See, what else can I say? She wants me to go for business, and yea, in the end I made up my mind to take international business and marketing (Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to the max) Dad keep on putting pressure on me, asking me is this really what I want?? Damn it la wey! I don't know how to answer it.

I pray every night to Dear Father God, and I hope He hears my prayer =D

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